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Shopping in breckland

“Shopping is not like it used to be.” “The High Street is dead.” “You can’t find a real Greengrocers or Butchers anymore.”

You hear this all the time too?

Well, come to Breckland and see that this isn’t all actually true!

Yes, shopping isn’t like it used to be. But there are still some great finds in the region.

Starling’s of Swaffham in an independent greengrocer with an exceptional team who will bend over backwards to help. The Butcher’s Shop at Swanton Morley will most likely know which farm his meat came from. 

All of our towns and some of our villages have similar businesses, with similar stories and the more we support the likes of Starling’s, the more chance we have of getting our High Streets to get a little bit more character back.

As well as the fantastic local businesses, the main towns all have supermarkets you might expect so you’ll have no problem picking up the supplies you need for a comfortable stay.